Editing mobile phone video and rotating

The Nokia N95 is a respectable video recorder ( 640*480 resolution ). The default orientation of recording with it is holding it horizontally, as opposed to vertically with the N70. Rotating videos is a bit more challenging than videos, for one thing many video application won’t accept imports of .mp4 files, so you have to convert it to something like mpeg 2.

I tried using ffmpeg and mencoder on Ubuntu to convert it, but never managed to get it working, eventually I came across Super by eRightSoft which has an extrememly dodgy looking site, but is a free frontend to the same codec tools.

I then used VirtualDubMod where you can add a variety of filters including rotate and save to xvid.

Picasa web albums not support video uploads as well, you can do a right click on a video thumbnail in Picasa and upload to web album, which is quite neat. I think the video elements still need a bit of work ( they distort the aspect ratio on the vertically shot footage ) but its nice to see the direction they are heading in.