Quadro FX 1500m on Windows 7

There is a tendancy of creating Nvidia cards that aren’t directly supported by Nvidia an example of this is the Quadro FX 1500m on the Dell Precision M90 ( 2007 era ) which I believe is also available on some HP high end laptops. These cards were high performance but a bit buggy. I have seen two of the Quadro FX 2500m cards on different Precision M90 fail I believe because of heat issues. Previously I have only been able to use Dell drivers on the M90 but Dell doesn’t offer any drivers for Windows 7 on these cards.

The GPU used in these cards is the G71GLM which is also used in the Geforce Go 7900 GS, there are a set of BETA drivers available for the Geforce for Windows 7, once the initial executable ( 197.48 ) extracts its files you can edit ( default path )  C:\NVIDIA\WinVista64\IS\Display\nvdm.inf  on line 136 from 

%NVIDIA_G71.DEV_0298.1%   = nv_G7x,        PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0298&SUBSYS_019B1028
to ( taken from the Hardware ID for the FX1500m graphics adapter in device manager )
%NVIDIA_G71.DEV_0298.1%   = nv_G7x,        PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_029B&SUBSYS_019B1028
I presume this also works with FX 2500m and 3500m.